Smart Ri LLC for management and strategic development

Smart Ri Limited Liability Company for Management and Strategic Development is a company owned by the City of Rijeka, established in October 2015 for the purpose of managing the Smart Cities Competence Center, or managing an innovation cluster for connecting economic entities and research institutions in R&D projects in smart cities to help address the challenges cities face (transport, energy, ecology and other S3 areas). Smart Ri is the project promoter and applicant.

Smart Ri will be a test and demonstration center for “smart” technologies, in which pilot projects will be implemented to improve products and / or services to the level of readiness for commercialization. For this reason, Smart Ri will provide administrative and organizational support to other CEKOM partners.

Smart Ri will perform the following activities:

  • coordinating R&D projects,
  • coordinating the development of smart cities development strategies and action plans and monitoring implementation,
  • encouraging and preparing development projects in the field of smart cities,
  • cooperation in the development of development projects and strategic projects,
  • computer programming, consulting and related activities,
  • information service activities,
  • advising on the implementation of the program of the ministry and other central state administration bodies,
  • Encouraging the cooperation of economic operators and joint participation in the market, especially projects based on job creation, creation of new products and services with the aim of applying new technologies for smart cities, which are predominantly domestic-oriented,
  • presentation and networking for joint appearance on the market (clusters, conferences, trade shows, etc.),
    building infrastructure for smart cities,
  • assistance and support for the opening and development of support institutions,
  • market research and preparation of feasibility studies, business plans, applications and management of EU projects and other sources of financing,
  • consulting services,
  • education towards target groups in the field of smart cities,
  • more organized conferences, roundtables and similar events,
  • cooperation with domestic and international institutions and organizations,
  • administrative activities.

The establishment of CEKOM for smart cities is envisaged in accordance with Model 2 of CEKOM’s establishment, namely the establishment of a Competence Center as an innovation cluster comprising 16 entrepreneurs and 4 knowledge and knowledge dissemination organizations that have effective collaboration on R&D projects.

The CEKOM Smart Cities project will conduct targeted development and applied research that will contribute to partner collaboration, enhance and enhance the profitability of the companies involved, and enable the creation of intellectual property within specific thematic areas and areas of economic competence recognized within the Smart Specialization Strategy (S3). Of the Republic of Croatia.

CEKOM’s Smart Cities Development Strategy is based on conducting R&D activities that address the economic challenges. CEKOM for smart cities will facilitate the commercialization of the research and development achievements of R&D projects and the development of competencies within 2 thematic areas of the Smart Specialization Strategy (S3), namely:

  • Energy and a sustainable environment
  • Transport and mobility