IRI Project Name: Platform Development for Connected, Energy Efficient and Shared Urban Mobility

English name of the IRI project: SmartCity.SURINMO (Smart URban Traffic Infrastructure eNabling Smart Mobility)

Short description of the project:

The purpose of the SmartCity.SURINMO project is to develop a proprietary platform for enabling connected, energy-efficient and shared urban mobility with an application component for end-users, also designed to optimize traffic flows and relaxation of sleep traffic under low mobility mobility that will be demonstrated in the area City of Rijeka.

The SmartCity.SURINMO platform is conceived as a roof-mounted, horizontal IoT platform for traffic optimization in line with the European standard for ITS systems – Datex II.

SmartCity.SURINMO platform aims to:

Develop an eRoaming Platform for Managing Publicly Available Fillers,
Develop and test the eZnakova system,
Develop and test eRasking system,
Conceptually, functionally and testly connect these two additional systems that make up the basics of Low Carbability: Smart Parking and Car Sharing.
Carry out traffic-energy analyzes

Compliance with the Smart Specialization Strategy:

The project is in line with the following subtematic areas S3:

Thematic Development Area (TPP): Traffic and Mobility

Sub-thematic area (PTPP): Intelligent Transport Systems and Logistics

Indicative IRI topics in PTPP: Multimodal routing and optimization, oversight and planning of transportation; -Internet stuff, large database and cloud traffic solutions.

Thematic Development Area (TPP): Traffic and Mobility

Sub-thematic area (PTPP): Ecologically acceptable transport solutions

Indicative IRI topics in the PTPP: Equipment, systems, solutions and applications for planning, organizing and monitoring multimodal transport modes and results in reducing emissions of pollutants, environmental pollution, reducing crowds and increasing efficiency and speeds from one to another location; Solutions for simulation in multimodal transport systems / models; Vehicle tracking, fleet management (fleet management);