The goal of this project unit is development of solutions for the improvement of energy systems and environmental monitoring systems in smart cities. The aim is to make cities as much energy efficient and sustainable as possible in resource management by protecting the environment and maintaining the quality of life of citizens, relying on the collected data through the core platform of a smart city. Sustainable management of natural resources (Smart Environment) is achieved through introduction of new technological solutions. This is particularly featured in energy consumption, waste management and administration, smart lighting, and construction or renovation of facilities. The project holder is Hrvoje Požar Energy Institute (HPEI), and the partners are Elektrokovina Plus, Apsolon, SmartIS and Hrvatski Telekom (Croatian Telecom).

Products / services

Energy Efficiency

Hrvoje Požar Energy Institute and other partners are developing a platform aimed at managing and planning energy efficiency in a smart city environment. The issue of energy efficiency is approached in a holistic and interdisciplinary manner, taking into consideration the current situation and proposing possible economically and technically most acceptable solutions.

Innovation and benefits for citizens

Usage of the existing infrastructure in a modern, socially acceptable, energy and resource efficient way

Stronger consumer engagement through the development of information and communication solutions aimed at the final user

Advanced solutions for monitoring of energy efficiency in buildings

Inventory of energy facilities, systems, and equipment in the environment


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