The Smart Economy includes projects related to improving business through innovation, which results in an increased productivity. Projects and products optimize traffic flows and relieve traffic at standstill, so visible results in traffic quality are expected, from safety to information. This will particularly apply to cases of traffic diversion in case of accidents, weather disasters, road works, and the like. The partners’ goal within Surinmo is to develop a platform for managing the networks of publicly available charging stations and to develop and test the eSigns and eCrossroads systems of the Rijeka City Traffic Center, which would also connect to the future SmartCity.SURINMO platform. The main partner in the project is Hrvatski Telekom, while the remaining partners are Rijeka Plus, Exevio, and Smart Sense.

Products / services

eRoaming platform

Hrvatski Telekom is developing a platform with clearly defined locations for charging e-vehicles, with a real-time indication of availability and the possibility of booking and using a charging station. It will contain accurate information and locations for the Car Sharing system usage and a fully digitalized parking system, which combines information on the available locations for free parking. As of yet, there is no single platform that can serve to the users of parking, e-vehicles, and car sharing system in Croatia nor in the wider region. The consequence of implementation of such a system is strengthening road safety and increasing traffic permeability.

Innovation and benefits for citizens

Increasing the efficiency, control, and accessibility of parking fees, providing additional increased traffic safety, and increased throughput

Research and development of visible results in traffic quality, from safety to information

Enabling further analysis and increasing traffic efficiency and safety

Enabling smarter planning and traffic management in urban and other areas


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