The aim of this project unit is to develop solutions for the improvement of energy systems and environmental monitoring systems in smart cities. The desire is to make the cities as energy efficient and as sustainable as possible in resource management, protecting the environment and maintaining the quality of life of citizens, relying on the data collected through the core platform of a smart city.

Sustainable management of natural resources (Smart Environment) is achieved through the introduction of new technological solutions. This is emphasized especially in energy consumption, waste disposal and management, smart lighting and construction or renovation of facilities.

The project holder is Hrvoje Požar Energy Institute, and the partners are Elektrokovina Plus, Apsolon, SmartIS and Hrvatski Telekom (Croatian Telephone Company).


Products / services

An innovative, user-friendly set of digital tools, applications and services will be developed, with common link being the bottom-up user engagement and the expansion of energy efficiency into the strongly connected world of a smart city. The final users, i.e. smart city citizens, have the opportunity to participate directly in development of the smart city model of energy efficiency and sustainability in order to maintain and increase the quality of life in the city.

Also, the obtained data provide support for dynamic decision support through the identification of priority buildings for energy renovation, assessment of energy savings, etc.

A system will be established for monitoring of energy consumption, as well as the economic and technical indicators of energy efficiency within a smart city as part of the Energy Efficiency module.  A multi-criteria algorithm for monitoring, managing, and planning energy efficiency for specific energy consumption sectors will be developed and implemented.

The pilot project “smart lighting,” electronic and software bases for the public illumination management system, will be tested on 30 to 50 lamps, which will be equipped with motion sensors and light sensors. It will provide countless lighting control options and energy savings, but also the opportunity for improvement and more efficient use of the existing distribution network, with the help of the collected information. Savings are also in the focus of the Smart Waste project, which will provide complete solutions for the efficient waste management. Utility companies in charge of the waste disposal, dispatchers who plan daily waste disposal routes, and citizens will be connected through the mobile and network application.

A special project within the Energy & Environment unit is the so-called the KPI Evaluator, i.e. development, formulation and monitoring of key and relevant indicators in the field of energy efficiency and sustainable environment through an innovative and interactive presentation platform. Through this platform for monitoring the key performance indicators of the city, Rijeka will receive comprehensive data for individual areas. It will be possible to monitor trends and movements, i.e. the progress of the city based on the individual indicators. This platform will be seen as an “identity card of the city,” and Rijeka will become a test center for the practical application of this platform.

All modules of this project in their basic implementation have targeted primary users among cities and local governments, but some modules in a customized version can be placed with a different type of a user (building managers or building owners, companies, etc.).

Innovation and benefits for citizens

usage of the existing infrastructure in a modern, socially acceptable, energy and resource efficient way

stronger consumer engagement through the development of information and communication solutions aimed at the final user

opportunity for direct participation of citizens in the development of models of energy efficiency and sustainability of the smart city

inventory of energy facilities, systems, and equipment in the environment

energy efficiency monitoring solutions and consumption and production forecasting solutions for the energy management support

advanced solutions for monitoring of energy efficiency in buildings

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