The 4DII Intelligent Infrastructure project starts from the assumption that the collected and edited data on the utilities infrastructure are an important set of data in the efficient management of systems that base their services on the security and availability of infrastructure. Since there is currently no record of the entire infrastructure and what is recorded in large part does not fully meet existing requirements, the aim of this project is efficient recording and management of underground and aboveground utility infrastructure, focusing to reduce costs, increase efficiency, attract investments, and provide better service. Such a comprehensive method of data collection does not currently exist in the Republic of Croatia nor globally, as there are currently only some parts of the solution for individual elements that are covered by the project. The main partner is Ericsson Nikola Tesla, and the project also includes 3tcable, Alarm Automatika, the University of Rijeka, Hrvoje Požar Energy Institute, and Rijeka’s trade societies and the utility companies Vodovod i Kanalizacija (The Water and Sewerage) and Energo.

Products / services

Innovation and benefits for citizens

Reduction in costs of data collection, management and planning of the utility infrastructure and better coordination between the infrastructure managers

Providing a multidimensional view of infrastructure and its impact

Reduced costs for the final users/consumers

Attracting investment and providing better service


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