The CEKOM project (Center of Competence for Smart Cities) is the result of a joint application and elaboration of six research and development projects by 20 partners, based on the call Support for the Development of Centers of Competence within the 2014-2020 Operational Program Competitiveness and Cohesion.

The economy and the academic community, through the Center of Competence for Smart Cities, manage, coordinate and provide domain knowledge with the aim of developing new business models, products, and services that are of common social interest. 20 partners participate in the elaboration of six research and development projects, of which 17 are private/public companies and 3 are institutions for research and dissemination of knowledge.


Smart Ri Ltd. (Rijeka)

was established by the City of Rijeka with the purpose of managing the Center of Competence for Smart Cities, i.e. managing the innovation cluster, in order to connect economic entities and research institutions on research and development projects. Within the management function, Smart RI d.o.o. provides administrative, organizational, and logistics support to other CEKOM members.

3tcable logo

3tCable Ltd. (Opatija)

is a family company that has achieved continuity of over 25 years in the segment of optical networks, their construction and maintenance throughout the entire life of operation. With their expertise in broadband infrastructure, metrology, content distribution, and security and surveillance, they contribute to the SmartCity.4DII project.


Alarm automatika Ltd. (Rijeka)

is a regional market leader in the design and implementation of complete, innovative and integrated technical protection solutions. The company has been on the market for more than 30 years, operates in 10 countries, and employs more than 150 people, and has won a number of awards for the development of integration software. Alarm automatika participates in 3 research and development projects - SmartCity Connected Traffic, 4DII, and Living.


Apsolon Ltd. (Zagreb)

is a leading regional business consulting company. Through its activities in the SmartCity Connected Traffic and SmartCity Energy & Environment projects, Apsolon will provide a link between technology solutions and in-depth user understanding, through the development of innovative resource sharing models and the key smart city indicators.

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Combis Ltd. (Zagreb)

is a regional system integrator focused on the development of application, communication, security and system solutions and the provision of services. With the entry of Combis into the HT Group, a wide range of top IT and telecommunications business solutions and services was presented to the Croatian market for the first time. Combis is a leading partner of Modesty, and it also participates in the Living and Connected Traffic projects.


Elektrokovina Ltd. (Zagreb)

for several decades it has been successfully implementing projects in the field of lighting and mechanical installations. Through the SmartCity Energy & Environment project, Elektrokovina Plus will provide a research and development component in the application of public illumination infrastructure, for the purpose of developing management elements and data collection in smart cities.


Hrvoje Požar Energy Institute (Zagreb)

is a non-profit scientific institution with over 25 years of experience in the field of energy development. The institute implements more than two hundred projects a year and is active in more than fifty countries. The Institute provides professional, technical, and scientific assistance in topics related to energy - it is a leading partner in the SmartCity Energy & Environment project, and it participates in the implementation of the SmartCity 4DII project.


Energo Ltd. (Rijeka)

is a company engaged in the production, distribution, and supply of gas and heat and public illumination and energy efficiency. Through its activities in the 4DII project, Energo will share its relevant knowledge gained through many years of work on utility infrastructure, and they wish to improve their own business processes by installing/applying new quality elements/ solutions.


Ericsson Nikola Tesla plc. (Zagreb)

is the leading regional supplier of information and communication (IC) products and services, and the largest Croatian exporter of knowledge. As the main partner of the SmartCity 4DII and Connected Traffic projects, and a participant in the SmartCity Modesty project, Ericsson provides a link to the industry, through research, development, and application of the latest technological solutions.


Exevio Ltd. (Rijeka)

is a growing innovative company that develops various technological solutions and achieves success on the local, regional, and global levels. The company has more than 10 years of experience in the development of digital solutions with a focus on quality and implementation of modern technologies. Through participation in the Surinmo and Modesty projects, Exevio will be involved in improving traffic, ecology, and safety.


The Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management in Opatija

is involved in the project as a research expert partner. FTHM has extensive experience in working on scientific, professional, and EU projects, as a holder and a partner. As an institution fully focused on the scientific development of staff in tourism, FTHM will support the research component of the SmartCity Living project in the field of Data Driven Destination Management System with a specific range of knowledge and expertise.


Hrvatski Telekom plc. (Zagreb)

is the leading provider of telecommunications services in the Republic of Croatia. Through participation in four projects (the main partner in Suriname and Living, and a participant in the Modesty and Energy & Environment projects), HT provides research and development capacity in the areas of smart transport solutions and mobility, waste management, and advanced analytics based on large amounts of data for smart cities. HT also provides infrastructure for the development of cloud computing.


iOLAP Inc. (Frisco, Texas, USA)

is a globally integrated IT company whose business is primarily based on IT services and consulting in the field of data analytics, application design and development, and artificial intelligence and machine learning. Through its participation in the Living and Modesty projects, iOLAP will contribute, with many years of knowledge and experience in the field of data analytics and cloud computing gained in its work for leading global and regional companies.


KD Vodovod i Kanalizacija Ltd. (Rijeka)

is a provider of water services - public water supply and public wastewater disposal in a large, geographically specific area of 517 km2. The SmartCity 4DII project will contribute its experience and knowledge in water utility infrastructure management. They expect from the project the additional introduction with the possibilities of advanced algorithms of artificial intelligence which they can apply in their business.


Kreativni odjel Ltd. (Rijeka)

is a company for marketing communications and multimedia production. The primary activity is multimedia and web production, as well as the creation of complex and interactive visualizations. The creative department is also Google Growth Engine Ambassador and as such, it is always up to date with new IT trends and technologies. Through CEKOM, it implements an expert system on the movement of citizens and guests as part of the Living project.

Pomorski fakultet (Rijeka)

is the oldest and most important higher education and scientific research institution in maritime affairs in the Republic of Croatia. The Faculty encourages scientific and research work aimed at the application of modern scientific achievements in maritime and transport. As a research scientific and professional partner in the SmartCity Connected Traffic project, The Faculty of Maritime Studies will support the research components of the project, especially in the field of multimodal transport.

Rijeka Plus Ltd. (Rijeka)

is a company founded by the city of Rijeka. Within their Traffic service department, they combine traffic management activities, traffic research and monitoring of traffic issues, traffic light maintenance, vertical and horizontal traffic signals, concrete stoppers and protective bollards, and the management of investments and development projects in the field of transport.


Smart Sense Ltd. (Zagreb)

is a Croatian IT company that develops IoT products and solutions for smart cities, homes and industry. Smart Sense is particularly focused on the development of "smart" sensors, and with its current knowledge and experience in development projects, it will contribute to the development of smart traffic solutions through the Surinmo and Connected Traffic projects.


SmartIS Ltd. (Zagreb)

is a leading provider of solutions and services for large business environments, urban environments and public administration with extensive experience in the fields of system integration, systems management, data and information security, as well as asset and service management. SmartIS will provide research expertise on the SmartCity Energy & Environment project.


The University of Rijeka

is a research and scientific-educational institution responsible for the social and economic development of the community, the city of Rijeka and the region. The University of Rijeka provides a research and scientific component through the engagement of professors and students in implementation of research and development of the individual components of smart cities, especially through the SmartCity 4DII project.