Projects in the Smart Mobility field establish quality solutions in urban transport and promote and encourage innovative, sustainable, clean and energy efficient manners of transport. Thus, they directly contribute to a sustainable, innovative, and safe transport system, particularly to the public transport system. The advanced information and communication system that is being developed within this project will serve to support decision-making and urban mobility management itself. Furthermore, the concept should enable more efficient use of public-private infrastructure, resources, and assets in the field of transport in order to protect the environment, increase safety, and achieve sustainability of the transport system in urban areas. The leading partner in Connected Traffic is Ericsson Nikola Tesla with the assistance of Rijeka Plus, the Faculty of Maritime Studies in Rijeka, Smart Sense, Apsolon, Combis, and Alarm Automatika.

Products / services

Data aggregation platform in the decision-making function in urban transport and mobility

The platform developed by Ericsson Nikola Tesla is defined in accordance with the concept of the Internet of things, and will exchange data in the field of traffic information and traffic safety, meteorological and environmental information, and information related to public passenger transport. The primary function of the platform is to receive data from project partners in a standardized form, and in addition, the interfaces have been defined and developed towards partners, applications, and the Data Lake platform from the Modesty project.

Innovation and benefits for citizens

Use of real-time system for the traffic flow management

Reduction of primary energy consumption and reduction of emissions of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases, ensuring the sustainability of the city's transport system

Increasing the security level in protection of people and property

Improving the efficiency of the transport system


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