The aim of this project is to connect directly with citizens and life in the city, and the movement of residents and visitors – this adds a direct value for the citizens. Within Smart Lifestyle, projects related to improving the quality of life in various elements have been included- housing, education, security, social inclusion, culture, sports and recreation, and sustainable tourism.

The leading partner is Hrvatski Telekom, and Alarm Automatika, Creative Department, Combis, ioLAP, and the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management are also participating in the project.


Products / services

In order to be able to draw conclusions and recommendations on optimal routes and times of movement between points in the city based on population movement data, it will be necessary to develop models and algorithms to obtain such knowledge. In addition to information on population movements, the system will also collect data on the time and location of traffic accidents, thefts, delicts, and other criminal events in the city of Rijeka (e.g. on the basis of MUP information) and other publicly available sources. As the service that combines data on the time and location of traffic accidents, thefts, delicts and other criminal events in the city of Rijeka, the Security Barometer will, based on the collected and processed information services, recommend movement to citizens and visitors, and to city services in areas where it is necessary in order to increase the level of security, thus increase the quality of life of citizens.

The application will also take into account the user’s preferences, and the functionality of the population voice guidance will be developed. Users will be notified when approaching or passing points that are also historical and cultural sights, commercial centers, green markets and other gathering places of citizens through the application with information about its most important features. This would make moving and navigating the city more interesting, not just faster and more efficient.

A multi-functional device for two-way communication that stands out will connect the existing telecommunication services (public telephone booth on the new platform and Wi-Fi) with other innovative services developed in the project, which enable two-way communication between the citizens and the City of Rijeka in selected locations, as well as a display of the CEKOM results.

In addition, these points would be developed in such a way that they have integrated sensors for measuring air parameters, safety and other measuring parameters that will serve as the input data to other CEKOM projects and cameras. At the info points, citizens will be able to buy tickets and other digital goods.

Products/services with a tourist potential will also be developed within Living.  The destination management system stands out, which will create and maintain a central repository of the content and destination information, and an automatic use of the content on multiple communication channels/resources for guests at the destination, eTinerer-a personal assistant, which “guides” citizens and visitors around the city and enables reservations, payments, and the use of other services in a way that adjusts the data according to the individual user and his/her preferences.

The system will also reduce the stress level of tourists in traffic (on arrival/departure to/from the destination), redirect individual tourists to destinations with free accommodation capacities of the appropriate category, increase mobility, and thus the experience and consumption of tourists at the destination by directing offers, attractions and destination services.

Advanced analytics on the structure and retention of the population at the location can be offered to business operators who can create special offers based on that in order to attract more visitors/clients in times of low traffic, thus increase business efficiency.

Innovation and benefits for citizens

more efficient decision-making regarding the movement of people and vehicles

better destination decision-making, forecasting and planning, and more efficient communication with guests in the target markets, as well as guests on the road and their destinations

increasing the number of visitors

direct value for the citizens of Rijeka through an increase in quality of life in various elements

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