The aim of this project is to directly connect with citizens and life in the city and to achieve movement of residents and visitors – adding the direct value for citizens. The Smart Lifestyle area includes projects related to improving the quality of life in various elements – security, social inclusion, sustainable tourism, etc. The leading partner is Hrvatski Telekom, and the project also includes Alarm Automatika, Kreativni odjel (The Creative Department), Combis, ioLAP, and the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management.

Products / services

A multifunctional device for two-way communication between citizens and the city

Hrvatski Telekom's multifunctional two-way communication device will connect the services of the existing telecommunication service (public telephone booth on the new platform and WI FI) with other innovative services developed in the project, which enable two-way communication between citizens and the city of Rijeka at selected locations and a display of the CEKOM results. The citizens will be able to buy tickets and other digital goods at the designated information spots.

Innovation and benefits for citizens

More efficient decision-making regarding the movement of people and vehicles

Better destination decision-making, forecasting and planning, and more efficient communication with guests in the target markets, as well as guests on the road and their destinations

Increasing the number of visitors

Direct value for the citizens of Rijeka through an increase in quality of life in various elements


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