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Rijeka is the most advanced digital city in Croatia

Although more and more cities gradually digitize their business and invest in ‘smart-city’ solutions, and some of the most advanced have developed and integrated strategies of the smart city and have almost completely shifted to digital business, generally speaking – Croatian cities are only in the early stage of digital transition, as well as Croatia […]


Business meeting Smart Cities & Urban Technologies in Rijeka and Zagreb

ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA – The Austrian Foreign Trade Bureau is organizing a two-day economic meeting on the theme of Smart Cities and Urban Technologies in Rijeka and Zagreb on 8 and 9 May 2019.The event partners are the cities of Rijeka and Zagreb, as well as the SMART RI Smart Competence Center, Regional Development Agency for […]

Smart Ri completed the second phase of the grant procedure for CEKOM

Smart Ri completed the second phase of the CEKOM competitionBy the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Craft we got on 15.4.2019. notification of the successful passage of the 2nd stage of verification and referral to the Level 2 Intermediary Body, the SAFU, on the eligibility of expenditure as part of the Phase 3.After more than […]

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A common appearance on the market

Presentation and networking for a common appearance on the market (clusters, conferences, fair performances, etc.)

Project Management and Counseling Services

Our team can help you in designing and running projects. Coordination of research and development project, coordination of development strategies and action plans in the area of smart cities and monitoring of implementation.

CoC Budget

Value of individual projects

  • SmartCity.Energy Efficency = 6 M kn
  • SmartCity.Trans = 26,5 M kn
  • SmartCity.4DII = 22,5 M kn
  • SmartCity.Surnimo = 17,1 M kn
  • SmartCity.Modesty = 27 M kn
  • SmartCity.Living = 25 M kn

Stages in the process of CoC establishing

The partnership agreement and the drafting of the CoC Strategy

Preparation of documentation for the first phase

Preparation of documentation for the second phase

CoC operational startup preparation

The services we provide

Performance indicators for smart cities

Compare with others! We develop our own comparison methods based on the world’s leading standards applicable to Croatian opportunities.


Our analytical services can help you detect problems in your city.

Education on the topic of smart cities

Smart Ri is an educational center for new technologies used in the context of building smart cities.